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Recover Registration Password

How to recover registered password:

- Click on the 'Login' icon,

- In it click on the Recover Password/Login icon.

Change the Order of Pictures

How to change the order of comic book frames:

- You must login with your login/password and click on MyProfile,

- From the list of your comic books, choose which one you want.

- Inside the comic book, click on EDIT

- Below the list of frames click on the Link,

- Change Frame Order.

- Change only 1 frame at a time.

Print out

How to print the comic book and/or comic book frames:

- You must click on the View/Print button, then it will show the entire comic book.

- Now only use Control+P or the File+Print option of your browser to print the comic book.

- If the comic has more than one page, you must change the page and print each page.

- The print is the comic book page, we don't format anything.

- You can still click on each image frame and save to your computer and print with any software you want.

Images / Scenarios / New Options seeks to develop new options for

scenarios, characters, the most diverse options.

The available options are on the website for you to use,

it is not always possible to develop everything that is requested by our users.

New Frame

To create a new frame, you must be on your

comic book, and click on: New Frame


To see your comics, you must enter the

your Login/Password and then click on "MyProfile": Top 04


About the Comic Book Assembly Tool:

- It is still not allowed to change a frame of an already saved comic book, only deleting

him and recreating again.

- All comic book frames can be reordered by their creator, as well as creating

new frames and place them in the order the creator wants.

- To contact the website, just send an email to containing your question, complaint and/or suggestion.

Preferably send us an image that can help us with your question.

The website is constantly being updated.


About a month of Comic Books Tool:

- It is not allowed to change as part of a comic book already saved, not only in recreating it again.

- All tables in Gibi can be reordered by its creator, as well as create new tables and puts

them in the order that the designer wishes.

- To contact the site, just send an email to

containing your question, complaint and / or suggestion. send us an image

that can help us in your question. The site is constantly updated.

Delete Registration

To delete your registration:

- You can leave your registration on the site, and use it whenever you want, it is not necessary to delete it.

- Step by step to delete the registration:

- When entering your login/password it will show the summary of your profile.

- At this moment a link called "Delete Registration" will appear

- By entering this link you may or may not confirm the deletion of your profile.

Terms of use

In this Link Below the Terms of Use of the Site:

General Data Protection Law - Brazil

On this Link Below the Terms of the Data Protection Law - Brazil:

Comic book download

When consulting the Gibi you can click on each frame and download each image, or save the entire Gibi page as a PDF

Limits, Quantities, Comic, Frames, Pages

You can create as many comic books as you like, as many frames as you like in each comic, we have no limits for comic books, frames, pages, quantities, etc.